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Pirate bookkeepers and out-of-town legislators

Atlas Shrugged – Day 052 – pp. 579-588 I’m going to try something a little different starting this evening. Rather than narrate the story like I’ve been doing, I’m going to try to recap a little less and think out loud a little more. A little more color, and a little less play-by-play. I’ll still […]
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A Real life Directive 10-289

It’s always nice to see family. My cousin had a lay-over in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday so she gave me a call and we went out for a bite to eat. She’s a pilot for probably the only profitable airline in the country. We got on the subject of the merger between her employer and another […]
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Resignations and blackjacks…

Atlas Shrugged – Day 056 – pp. 549-558 Taggart says he can deliver Hank. That’s some valuable information according to Wesley Mouch. I should think so. And immediately on the tail of that nugget, Taggart has another idea. . .
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Plotting the death of the free world

Atlas Shrugged – Day 055 – pp. 539-548 If I may paraphrase Directive 10-289. . . Point One – you are officially chained to your job — quitting is a criminal offense Point Two – if you own a business, you have to keep it in operation no matter what Point Three – all patents, […]
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The climax of the decline (???)

Atlas Shrugged – Day 054 – pp. 529-538 “You know, of course, I won’t allow this to continue. . . I won’t permit you to have her. Not her. Anyone but her. . . . I won’t permit it! You’ll give it up!. . . You’ll give it up, you’ll leave her, you’ll never see […]
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